Favorite Musical Artist by State

I thought it would be a cool idea to list my favorite artist by each of the 50 states

Alabama – Hands down Hank Williams. I love Alabama Shakes, Nat King Cole among many others, but Hank Williams might have done more for American music, I mean our music, our heritage than any other artist. Never really listened to him much till I became a Dylan an. He idolized him and some others and I listened for that reason.

Alaska – Well this seemed a good idea after Alabama but now I am stuck  Alaska without a shovel, or an artist. Had a tough time finding an artists from Alaska that I really liked. And you would think that do to cold weather they would be stuck inside a lot making music. After a lot of researching, and not nearly as much deliberation going to have to go with Jewel. I mean she is the best yodeler I know, and I mean that at least is something. Not meaning in anyway to insult Alaska. If anyone knows artist, please list would gladly listen to and adjust list. Just could not find many.

Arizona – There are some really big performers from Arizona. Waylon Jennings, Stevie Nicks, Meat Puppets not to mention DJ Ztrip, who is one of the bigger influences in his area of music. Still my runner up for Arizona are the Gin Blossoms. Totally based on their album New Miserable Experience which is one of my favorite albums. One of the few albums that I listen through time and time again. My favorite performer from Arizona has to be Linda Ronstadt. First unlike Stevie Nicks she does not annoy me.  A long career with some really amazing performances in many genres plus one of my all-time favorite vocal performances on Blue Bayou was the reason for this choice.

Arkansas –  This one was easy for me. Though Johnny Cash, Al Green, Conway Twitty, Lucinda Williams are all great, possibly my favorite artist of all time Louis Jordan is from Arkansas. The effect that Louis Jordan and his band the Tympany Five on American and Rock music are almost unmeasurable. There are reasons why many consider some of his releases the first true rock n roll songs ever released. Just listening to Carl Hogan’s guitar intro for Just Like a Woman will show the influence that the band must have had on Chuck Berry. A brilliant musician, song writer, band leader who somehow flies under the radar of other truly greats. So many great songs, Saturday Night Fish Fry, What’s the Use of Getting Sober,  Knock Me a Kiss, Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby, as well as brilliant duets like Baby It’s Cold Outside with Ella Fitzgerald. He also has some amazing gems that few people know of, Fat Sam from Birmingham, Louisville Lodge Meeting,   and Sure Had a Wonderful Time are examples of these lost gems of one of the greatest musical story tellers that I have ever heard.





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